The Heart of Tygerberg APD

In 1962 the Tygerberg Cripple Care Association was established to render services to discharged patients with physical disabilities.

Mrs. Steytler and her friends started doing hospital rounds with her husband, Dr. Steytler, an orthopedic specialist from Karl Bremer Hospital, to gain a better understanding of the long term impact a disability would have on a person’s life.

At first, social work services were rendered by the social worker of the Karl Bremer Hospital.  Clients had to be transported to the hospital to see the social worker and this was not always possible.

In 1983 the name changed to Tygerberg Association for the Physically Disabled and in September 1999 the Association was affiliated to the Western Cape Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities.

Over the years the services to persons with physical disabilities extended.  The Miracles Protective Workshop developed from a socialization group to a state subsidized workshop.  Since 1991 the workshop offers sheltered employment to persons with physical disabilities.

A Management Committee that is made up of volunteers runs the Association. The Management Committee meets on a monthly basis and is responsible for the activities of the Association.

What We Do