Nappy Run

A Nappy run in aid of persons with disabilities.

The Nappy Run campaign, which runs from 3 October to 3 December, aims to raise awareness of the circumstances and living conditions of persons with disabilities and appeals to the public to donate nappies and adult diapers of all sizes.

The Nappy Run Campaign has two legs: Donation of nappies and a Nappy Run event.

We are inviting you to take part in the Nappy Run campaign by using this exciting opportunity to create awareness for persons with disabilities during October to December, as well as organising a Nappy Fun Run.  Remember it can be a walk or run…as long as it is fun!

Not up to a walk or run?  Why not collect nappies or adult diapers from friends, family members or colleagues and donate them to our branch.  You can contact the office at 021 592 4173 or email should you need more information.