Giving Back

The staff members, management committee, and some clients of the Miracles Workshop gave 67 minutes of their time on Mandela Day in 2016 to prepare hot chocolate-kits for the members of SAPS Goodwood. They also spent 67 minutes at the Protea Old Age Home in Goodwood and spoiled the residents […]

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Nappy Run

The Nappy Run campaign, which runs from 3 October to 3 December, aims to raise awareness of the circumstances and living conditions of persons with disabilities and appeals to the public to donate nappies and adult diapers of all sizes. The Nappy Run Campaign has two legs: Donation of nappies […]

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Wheelchair Wednesdays

The aim of the Wheelchair Wednesday Project is to raise awareness about the challenges faced by wheelchair users and to make the participants aware of how accessible, or inaccessible, buildings and public spaces are. Most participants of the project have reported that they have new respect for wheelchair users and […]

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